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Maker Unknown

Team Location: Found in estate along with the Grover - Hereford uniform also listed on this site from Colorado. Possibly from a late 1800's "Goddard" school. 

This jersey is made of a highly unusual ultra thick burlap type material that you would expect to be used for non-clothing items. Hard to imagine playing in this stiff jersey. However, the material, large block letters, and breast pocket, along with the overall look and feel is similar to other 1890's jerseys I have researched. Also adding to the 1890s feel is the letters - they are made of silk and not wool.

Also Pictured: Early 1900's Draper & Maynard full web glove, Gill Leavitt, MFG. Co bat from Urbana, Illinois, and early wax canvas baseball.

Goddard 1890s: Product
Goddard 1890s: Pro Gallery
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