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Hello and Welcome,
I'm Mark

I created this site to honor and showcase antique baseball uniforms and to connect with fellow collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the historical significance of these relics.  

So, why antique baseball uniforms? For me, there is no artifact more capable of connecting us to the earliest days of baseball than a town-team uniform. Each woolen jersey unearthed from an attic or basement tells a personal story of a player, a team and era. When you find one, it's likely the only surviving example from that team. Unlike bats, gloves and baseballs that were designed as a specific model and made by the thousands, no two uniforms are ever alike.

All of the uniforms pictured here have passed through my collection at some point during the past 20 years. All represent a specific period of baseball history worn by a player from a university, city, town or rural area (i.e., "bush" league). Dates and locations listed are approximate and based upon my research, all known information, and judgement. At any given moment, my collection typically includes about 25 to 40 uniforms. 

I wish to extend special recognition to Joe Kirschner who has graciously shared many of his uniforms with me along with his kindness, passion and expertise throughout the years. It was his website that inspired this one.

Below are a few photos of my current memorabilia room. As you can see,  I also collect other antique baseball equipment and memorabilia including bats, gloves, balls, signs, boxes, etc., and have pictured a few with the uniforms throughout the site. 

Thanks for visiting,


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