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Antique Sports Collector

Joe Kirschner's Site. He has an amazing and extensive galley of antique baseball uniforms - many of which you will see on this site, as Joe has passed many along to me. He also has an amazing Cornell University collection

Dressed to the Nines.JPG

Dressed to the Nines

National Baseball Hall of Fame Website with some great information about antique baseball uniform history


Dugout Treasures

A wonderful collector's website by Jon Popovich


KeyMan Collectibles

A great resource for dating baseballs, bats, and gloves, and lots of other great information


Baseball Glove Collector

The quintessential resource for all things vintage baseball gloves hosted by Jim Daniel (JD)


Play OK Antiques

Brett Lowman's Site - A great place to buy his flea market finds. One of the premier collectors and sources of vintage baseball gloves.


Vintage Baseball Glove Forum

A forum run by Brett Lowman


Local Nine Co. 

Nick's Site - He makes custom-made antique baseball uniform jerseys, caps, sweaters, etc to recreate the old feel of those showcased on this site.

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