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1900 - 1910
Unknown Maker

Extra large adult jersey (no pants) in mint condition. 

Likely hails from a team from the "textile league" that was prominent in the southern states where there were many mills that produced fabrics and clothing. For more information, there is a wonderful book entitled, "Textile League Baseball - South Carolina Mill Teams 1880s to 1955." 

This jersey has a feature that I have never seen before, either personally or any any pictures - that is a dual collar. It includes both a sewn-in full shirt-collar as well as a sewn in cadet collar that appears when tucking in the larger shirt collar inside the shirt (likely for warmer summer days). A very unique feature to say the least. 

Textile 1900 - 1910 Unknown Maker: Product
Textile 1900 - 1910 Unknown Maker: Pro Gallery
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