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1905 - 1910
Draper & Maynard Lace/Tie-Front Uniform

Extremely unique jersey design. Lace-Up/Tie-Front Jerseys were the predominant style from the 1870s through the 1890s, and were rare by 1900, although some examples continued during the early 1900s until about 1910. This jersey also has a cadet-style collar, which was common from about 1905 to the late teens. Thus, these two overlapped for short period of time. All other examples of lace-up/tie-front jerseys I have seen have the full shirt-collar.

John Maynard's bird dog, Nicodemus "Nick", was added to the diamond D&M logo sometime around 1902 to 1905.  The company started operating under the new name “Draper Maynard Co.” in 1898 and started a uniform division in 1904. Catalogs from around 1905 advertise baseball uniform shirts could be ordered in “lace or button front”.  This particular tag was common from 1905 to the 1920s (Credit: Joe Kirschner for this information)

Set includes jersey and pants with matching tags in pristine condition. Overall excellent+ condition. 

1890's Draper & Maynard Lace/Tie-Front Uniform: Product
1890's Draper & Maynard Lace/Tie-Front Uniform: Pro Gallery
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